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Lead contract engineer

Vacancy Number: 20235
Location: Paris La Défense Cedex
Date Posted: January 12, 2018

Lead Contract Engineer


PBF is the Brownfield Project division of Bloc 17 and benefits of a matrix organization. It’s managing projects from Basic Engineering to Start-up/hand-over to Block 17 Field Operation team.

The nature of the Brownfield Projects, ie most of the execution activities offshore executed in SIMOPS on live FPSOs (Girassol, Dalia, Pazflor, CLOV) and congested seabed, increases the risks and consequently the challenges of the projects (coactivities with other projects and maintenance activities, minimization of production shortfalls…).

PBF is managing EPC contracts with major international Contractors including onshore prefabrication in Angola, offshore construction and Installation in Angola (FPSO modifications, SURF, SPS, SIMOPS, high number of contractors & subcontractors).


1.            To adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE, to implement and control HSSE rules and requirements within his area of responsibility and to ensure the integration of HSSE requirements in all Project contracts.

2.            To adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behaviour with regard to the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy.

3.            To be informed of Company Rules and Specifications (CR’s/GS’s), TEP Angola and Corporate procedures, etc. related to Contract and Procurement and their application to the Project.

4.            To implement and verify implementation of procedures associated to Contract activities.

5.            To organise, direct, supervise and support all the contract engineers (either being placed directly under his responsibility, either functionally) in the performance of their duties.

6.            To coordinate the tendering / contracting process (including, as necessary, pre-qualification process) for required new contracts:

  • Coordinate the issue of CFTs including the preparation of contracts, the development of Contractual / Technical documentation in collaboration with Work Package Managers and all necessary Project people;
  • Lead clarification and negotiation process and provide assistance, as necessary, to Contract Engineers and Package Managers;
  • Participate to the evaluation process, reviewing and validating ranking tables, giving guidelines on method;
  • Lead the development of the RTAs;
  • Coordinate the final development of Contract documentation;
  • Coordinate the approval process.

7.            To coordinate Contract Management during the Execution phase, supporting all Contract and Procurement engineers in the performance of their duties, providing them as well as Packages Managers and Project Management, a support for Contractual/Commercial matters and in negotiations regarding disputed items on assessment of major claims.

8.            To participate to the settlement of dispute together with legal, insurance and finance specialists and any other support services as necessary.

9.            To coordinate / participate to the approval process of amendments (changes orders / addendum) to contracts according to Delegation of Authorities in force.

10.          To apply or have applied the Due Diligence procedure

11.          To supervise the close-out of Contracts with respect to TEP Angola and Project procedures.

12.          To define / implement an adequate reporting process for Contract Management activities, and to ensure consolidation of reporting for Weekly / Monthly Reports..

13.          As a general manner, to supervise and manage all contractual and commercial activities up to close-out, in the frame and with respect to procedural obligations as per Production Sharing Agreement, Decrees and Laws in force, Joint operating Agreement and in strict compliance of delegation of authorities and associated Contract and Procurement procedures.

14.          To timely report to the Project Control Manager, highlighting progress and encountered areas of concern and participating to the issue of Monthly Reports wrt to Contract matters.

15.          To ensure and impose strict confidentiality for all the contractual and commercial documentation produced (whatever its support)

16.          To gather ‘lessons learnt’ and provide feedback to other TOTAL E&P entities as required.


The job holder is responsible, during the FEED Projects, for coordinating and supervising all the activities related to the management of studies and responsible for the tendering / contracting phase of the SURF/SPS bidders of PBF Projects. During execution, the job holder will be responsible to follow EPSC/EPFS Contract up to its close-out, as well as the development (tendering/contracting phase) of the additional contracts that could be necessary during the Execution phase.

As such, the job holder is responsible for:

  • Implementation, maintenance and control of all procedures associated to Contract / Procurement activities;
  • Implementation, maintenance and control of the filing system for all the contractual documentation issued during the Project course;
  • During FEED phase, and for new contracts necessary to be developed during the Execution phase, coordinating the whole tendering process (including, as necessary, pre-qualification process), coordinating the issue of CFTs, coordinating / managing the clarification and negotiation phases, coordinating the issue of RTAs, development and issue of contracts, coordinating / participating to their approval process;
  • Supervising / coordinating the approval process of amendments (changes orders / addendum) of all Contracts / Purchase Orders;
  • Reviewing LLI procurement dossier if applicable during FEED phase,
  • Supervising / coordinating Contract Management during the Execution phase, supporting SURF/SPS team engineers in the performance of their procurement duties;
  • Supervising or performing the close-out of Contracts with respect to TEP Angola and Project procedures;
  • Consolidating / reporting progress related to Contract activities;
  • Supporting Project Management for all questions/matters related to Contract activities.

The job holder shall liaise actively with all Package and Line Managers and, as a general manner, with all the Project Control team members, for the performance of the above duties.

The job holder is also the correspondent for Project to the Contract and Procurement department from TEP Angola and will also have to liaise with Legal and Assurance departments from Corporate and TEP Angola.

The job holder shall observe and shall impose strict confidentiality all along the course of the Project and specifically during tendering phases of (new) contracts.

The job holder reports hierarchically to the PBF Project Control Manager.

The job holder is also accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSE rules & requirements and for implementing and controlling HSSE rules within his area of responsibility.


Professional Experience (years): 10-20

Experience in similar position (years): mini 7-10. Managerial experience required at same / equivalent position.

Level / Diploma: Engineer, or equivalent. Sound knowledge of Contract development / mgt in an international context.

Languages: English mandatory.

(9- Other observations of the specificities of the job and its environnement)

Base location: PARIS at Contractor’s Office.

Frequent missions to be forecasted due to spread of work package locations.

Good organization and communication would be appreciated.

Worldwide missions to be forecasted due to spread of Contractors’ manufacturing sites, fabrication yards, sub-vendor facilities.

Good motivational skills. Sound organization ability and respect for planning and budgets.


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Competentia is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status, or other status protected by law or regulation.

Competentia, participates in E-Verify as required by law.

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