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SAP FI/CO Consultant

Vacancy Number: 20408
Location: Pau
Date Posted: February 13, 2018

SAP FI/CO Consulting

As part of the UNISOL Roll-out Project, the Contractor will participate in the UNISOL roll out project. The UNISOL system is a based on a single-designed architecture and contains the Business Template solution for Total Exploration and Production affiliates. The UNISOL template is already designed and built but evolving as Total rolls out to affiliates.

The Contractor is not expected to perform the coding of the system as it is done by an integrator.

To that effect, the Contractor will provide expert advice and produce deliverables during the roll-out activities and will work alongside a métier representative for Finance.


In order to contribute to the UNISOL roll-out project and to perform a full implementation of the UNISOL solution in a Total Exploration and Production (E&P) affiliate, the tasks to be performed are:


  • To prepare Gap Analysis missions with affiliate audit tools;
  • To prepare Gap Analysis missions presentations and questionnaires;
  • To prepare Gap Analysis missions;
  • To adapt migration strategy to each affiliate roll-out;
  • To adapt cleaning strategy to each affiliate roll-out;
  • To follow-up the cleaning strategy with the affiliate;
  • To produce localization and mapping files with affiliate input
  • To produce business input for Gap Analysis sheets and render an opinion on solutions proposed by the integrator;
  • To adapt Template documentation as it evolves with each implementation project;
  • To adapt test scenarios to affiliate specifics;
  • To perform tests for template scenarios;
  • To train affiliate representatives for Business Acceptance Tests in UNISOL Template (finance) processes;
  • To follow-up tests results and issues;
  • To adapt training material to affiliate roll-out;
  • To perform training sessions;
  • To perform data migration verifications during tests and actual cutover; Report and treat discrepancies with the integrator; A reconciliation report is to be produced in each step;
  • To post-go live support on reported issues;
  • To improve project roll out tools

Technical requirements

  • Technical expertise:
    • 3 to 5 year experience in FI/CO implementations, if possible with Supply Chain integration.
  • Business & Change Management Expertise
    • Capacity of understanding business needs and requirements and communicating with the COMPANY’s terms (Business and not SAP language);
    • Capacity of creating and delivering effective training sessions.
  • Others
    • Fluency in French & in English;
    • Technical data management: excel, access, sql.

contact : prune.taillet@competentia.com

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