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Environmental Specialist - Platteville, CO

Vacancy Number: 24113
Location: Platteville
Date Posted: August 14, 2019

Our client, a major oil and gas operator, is seeking an Environmental Specialist for a long term contract based in Platteville, CO. Below are more details:

Qualifications Needed to Perform Job:

Our Client is currently in the process of decommissioning seven compressor stations on the former 3rd Creek Gathering system. They have completed a preliminary assessment of each site and have identified environmental concerns of varying degrees at each facility. These issues include:

  • Hydrocarbon impacted soil
  • Lead based paint
  • Non-friable asbestos

Responsibilities of Person Performing Job:

They are seeking out a short to medium term contract position to provide environmental support to our decommissioning team. This position will be temporary and only last through the duration of the decommissioning efforts at the seven compressor stations. The position will be located in the field, with the vast majority of time spent at the facilities. Key skills should include:

  • Ability to know when to stop work if there are significant environmental concerns and communicate back to Client environmental personnel
  • Basic knowledge of waste management principals to prevent mixing of E&P and non-E&P wastes
  • Ability to sign and track manifests and designate where wastes need to be disposed of based on existing waste profiles set up by Client
  • Ability to answer questions associated with environmental concerns as they arise, and solve these problems or defer to Client environmental personnel
  • Understanding of stormwater compliance and ability to direct contractors to address concerns such as BMP repair, tracking of sediment on to paved roads, etc.


Reimbursable Costs:

Daily truck rate

Working Hours:


Length of Assignment:

Approximately 6 months or until project is complete


Platteville, CO

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