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Lab Technician III

Vacancy Number: 25212
Location: Richmond
Date Posted: January 14, 2020

Competentia seeks a Lab Technician III for a position in Richmond, CA:

Overview of Position: The technician will also be responsible for maintenance, plumbing and trouble-shooting of the test and data acquisition equipment and upkeep of the Laboratory test systems. They will also be required to work with our Site Services department (machine shop, electrical shop, glass blowing shop, pressure vessel shop), HES and BRES service company for safety, lab maintenance and compliance. Since this work requires working with high pressures (~10,000 psi) and high temperature (450 °F), it is mandatory that the technician follow safe working procedures for high pressure equipment. Technician should be willing to work in a team environment and performing multiple tasks in the above disciplinary areas. Technician must be willing to work with possible hazardous materials (crude oil, solvents, steam, mercury and H2S).

Mechanical aptitude is a must, ability to troubleshoot experimental systems, flexibility in performing tasks, and ability to work alone is a key benefit. Knowing Swagelok fittings, pipe fittings, Autoclave Engineer and HIP plumbing is a key requirement to setup our new experimental systems. We require a person who can work independently to handle multiple test systems in 10 different labs. The candidate must understand the entire test system down to the valve, pressure vessel and pump level and be able to change the test design depending on the testing parameters required.

The mechanical skills are just a minimum requirement as we are a R&D lab that needs a technician skilled in conducting tests, collecting data, making observations and improving the test process based on the results. Most tests have never been done before so this position will require a “Out of the Box” type thinker ready for challenges. This is not a position for a person who wants a routine steady job where the entire day will be planned out and followed. This job will require an inventor or scientist type of mind set.

Experience working in reservoir management labs desired but not required. The position requires fundamental understanding or training in one of the following: physics, petroleum or chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, or other related engineering disciplines or principles. We need a person who is excited about science and doing new things, thinking creatively but working safely and following safety protocols. Our labs are very unique, and every work day will be a new activity so this is not a job who seek routine work. The position may require working in many labs so the opportunity to work and learn about new technologies and from many scientists will be rewarding to those who are interested in our field.

Key Job Responsibilities (essential position functions):
1. Maintenance and plumbing of laboratory equipment including test cells and computer equipment.
a. Required Swagelok, Autoclave Engineers, HIP or pipe fitting skills.
b. Preferred experience with pumps, valves, pressure vessels, heaters, pressure transducers, thermocouples
2. Acquisition, summarization, analysis and quality control of data, basic PC knowledge
a. Computer programming skills with I/O experience preferred.
3. Preparation of samples for testing.
4. Safe laboratory practice knowledge and skills, including working with high pressure, high temperature equipment.
5. Work as part of a multifunctional team involved in the measurement of rock and fluid properties, cross train in other areas as needed.
6. Must be a quick learner able to understand fundamentals and be willing to be mentored by senior experts on our team.
7. Must be a good communicator with initiative to ask questions to continue learning daily.
8. Prior experience working with CO2, mercury, crude oils, H2S and solvents are a benefit.

Competentia is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status, or other status protected by law or regulation.

Competentia, participates in E-Verify as required by law.

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