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Argonauta Energy provides unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of the upstream oil and gas industry through our highly skilled staff of specialized consultants.

With confidence derived from applied experience in engineering and project management, our consultants have the means and proven ability to sustain our reputation as the industry leader in specialized consulting. Argonauta’s™ objective to connect top energy organizations with the expertise of reliable, experienced and accomplished consultants is what makes all the difference.

Deepwater Expertise

Argonauta offers worldwide technical consulting services to the upstream oil and gas industry through the combined resources of Argonauta Drilling Services L.L.C., Argonauta Marine & Subsea L.L.C. and Argonauta Training Services L.L.C.

Marine & Subsea

Argonauta Marine & Subsea specializes in the design, construction and contracting of offshore drill rigs. Our deepwater expertise is applied to all vessel types and we bring a unique approach to our projects by employing consultants in the field.


Argonauta offers unique training courses designed for technical personnel involved in the deepwater drilling industry. By utilizing knowledge gained over years of onsite experience, Argonauta has developed numerous courses to help lead top operations and project management staff through their continued education.

Deepwater Drilling

  • Operations Management (Planning to Execution)
  • Well Design
  • Onsite Well Supervision
  • Deepwater Requirements
  • Preventative Well Control
  • Completion Design and Execution

Marine & Subsea

  • Rig Construction Supervision Support
  • Deepwater Subsea System Design and Optimization
  • Deepwater Development Execution
  • Vessel Application and Suitability Assessment
  • Mooring System Design
  • Operations Planning and Logistics


  • Deepwater Drilling
  • Drilling and Production Operations training
  • Project Risk Assessment & Mitigation training
  • Customized courses based on special projects


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