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Contract Staffing

Whether you’re looking for highly skilled individual specialists or large numbers of contract workers for a major project, Competentia can support you throughout your project’s life cycle.

Since 1998, Competentia has been partnering with the world’s largest technical employers to provide the skills they need, whenever they need them.

This kind of flexibility can be invaluable in controlling costs without compromising delivery. Augment your permanent teams, increase support during your busiest periods and scale down when it suits you. With the right partner, you have the comfort of knowing the skills will be there when you need them and that the people you rely on to provide contract support are well supported all year round, and are motivated to be there for you whenever it’s time to go to work.

Senior Management

While your core management team is likely to be long term permanent staff, there are sometimes circumstances when you need the skills, without the long term commitment of a high salaried member of staff. Perhaps you’re expanding into a new sector, or taking on a short-term project that will stretch the skills you have. Competentia has a wide network of executive level professionals ready to support your management team in any way you need.


From feasibility through to detailed engineering and design, and construction and maintenance, when you need technically qualified professionals, Competentia can connect you with a large global community of experts. When skills are in short supply, we can bring you the specialists you need to get the job done without blockages and delays. From project management to project controls, from start-up to commissioning – these are the skills on which Competentia’s reputation is built.

Skilled Labor

Where physical environments are complex and safety is all important, it’s critical to have a partner who can drive compliance at every stage of the recruitment progress, from vetting and testing through to ongoing support through operations.

Non – Technical & Administrative

Every project relies heavily on organization and support to keep on track. Experienced administrative and non-technical personnel can make a crucial difference on a day-to-day basis. If you can fill support roles with specifically qualified and experienced people, with experience working on the exact types of project you’re delivering, you’ll see a genuine difference in productivity. Over the last twenty years working on technical projects globally, we’ve built a network of directly experienced support staff who can understand how engineering projects work. They can be up to speed quicker, hit the ground running and deliver more.

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