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Understanding the Link Oil & Gas Merger

Bob Glover, Competentia’s President in North America, explains the recent Link Oil & Gas merger.

For many of us here in the North American market, Link Oil & Gas had been a longstanding and recognizable name in the industry. I joined Competentia last year, as did all of Link’s employees here and it’s important for everyone who worked with us at Link to understand why the merger happened and why I believe it’s a good thing for everyone.

Our first concern is always for our employees and contractors. It is the safety, security and wellbeing of the thousands of people who have worked for us over the years that will always be our first priority. Without them, we couldn’t support our clients the way we want to, and deliver the value to their teams and projects that they expect from us.

Our contractors have been at the centre of our process as we completed the merger; as we come to the end of the process, we’ll be investing a lot of time in consulting our people, wherever they are in the world and making sure they have everything they need from us and that we use this opportunity to improve our service to them. Because no matter how hard we’re working to get things right, there is always room for improvement and we are constantly engaged in an effort to do better.

For clients, we have worked carefully to ensure that they continue to enjoy the levels of service they have come to expect from both Link and Competentia as we brought the companies together.

We all sit in a circle of trust, that we hope is mutually beneficial. Our clients rely on us to connect them with the best talent in the industry and professionals all over the world come to us to gain exposure to the market’s most interesting and lucrative projects. What we hope more than anything, is that we will get the chance to prove ourselves to the people we care most about.

We hope you’ll continue to work with us in the new era; we look forward to earning that privilege in the months and years ahead.

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What we hope more than anything, is that we will get the chance to prove ourselves to the people we care most about. Bob Glover


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