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Optimizing complex refinery & petrochemical facilities

Our strength in downstream projects is the result of two decades of practical, tangible experience. Wherever downstream facilities are built and operated, we have supplied the resources to drive the project, from senior management to individual specialists and large teams of skilled labor.

From the engineering and construction of new facilities, to turnarounds and brownfield revamps, Competentia has a long and proven experience managing and maintaining assets to maximize operational effectiveness.

Billings BP

This Montana refinery processes a mixture of Canadian heavy, high-sulfur crude oil and domestic crude oils, all delivered by pipeline and truck.

Alliance Tier 3

On the Mississippi river 25 miles south of New Orleans, processes mainly light, low-sulfur crude oil, received from the Gulf by pipeline.

Ferndale Turnaround

This refinery, 20 miles south of the Canada border has the flexibility to process a broad slate of crudes.


Westlake Refinery

This Lake Charles Refinery processes primarily heavy, along with some light, sweet crude oil received from the Gulf Coast.

Downstream Clients

  • Anadarko
  • Chevron
  • Conoco Philips
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Maersk Oil
  • Phillips66
  • Total


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