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Vacancy Number: 27002
Location: Resident MAPUTO
Date Posted: October 16, 2020


Location : Resident Mozambique Maputo

Start : January 2021

Duration : 1 year renewable



C&P competencies

  • Intermediate level in Contracts technical Competencies required
  • C&P tools advanced certification required
  • Demonstrable general knowledge and understanding of commercial, legal and insurance issues affecting the company in general

Qualification and background

  • Professional experience: 3-5 years in contracts within the Oil & Gas industry
  • Personal Abilities: Basic Management, Advanced Human Relations, Problem Solving and Planning / organizing / coordinating / controlling
  • Good command of English language and excellent communication skills.



  • To produce contractual documents according to company procedures and ethics
  • To provide a quality, cost-effective and time efficient contracts service to Partner entities
  • To participate in the optimization of the economic performance of the operations conducted in TEPMA1



The Job holder liaises with Partner entities and participates to the processes of contracts and procurement entity by performing the following tasks:

  • Work closely with the DUET to create the contracts dossier, develop a clear definition of contractual responsibilities and discuss the agenda including:
  • Validation of contracts strategy
  • Negotiation and analysis of commercial bids
  • Participation in recommendations to award
  • Adapt standard and template documents to local conditions
  • Provide professional advice and guidance to all contract owners/entities with respect to contractual matters
  • Liaise with C&P Methods/planning/market and C&P Manager for reporting and statistics matters
  • Keep informed of best practices in contracts procedures for improvement of contracts practices in TEPMA1
  • Use frame agreements signed by shareholders

The job holder executes the following contracts activities

  • Prepare and maintain an up-to-date list of qualified contractors/suppliers/potential tenders/contracts with updated information in order to perform market studies; analyze and assess all possible answers from the market
  • Participate to the validation of the contracts strategy through:
  • Arranging and attending Contracts Committee Meetings
  • Pre-qualifying bidders
  • Defining target prices
  • Defining criteria for evaluation
  • Establish CFT commercial documents
  • Prepare and send out the dossiers of pre-consultation and Standard or Complex invitations to bid
  • Verify the alignment with HSE clauses, Company rules, Procedures, Instructions and applicable legislation when issuing all technical contracts and when drafting contractual and commercial terms and conditions
  • Verify the Terms & Conditions (standard, general and financial)
  • Compose contracts from standard contracts or without standard contract and create outline agreements
  • Conduct the Terms & Conditions bid analysis and negotiation
  • Conduct the commercial bid analysis and negotiation thereby creating a clear definition of responsibilities and documents together with the DUET
  • Participate in recommendations to award through contracts Committees or DOA award validation and tracing of tender documents
  • Participate in the signing of formal document after approval from authorities and partners and clarification of rights and obligations of both signing parties according to DOA
  • Input all contracts/suppliers data/documents in the contracts and suppliers database
  • Handover contracts to the contract Partners’ Entities
  • Prepare files for the settlement of lawsuits in relation with the juridical, insurance and financial department
  • Monitor on-going contracts status, participate to claims, amendments and contract renewal discussions and Review supplier’s performance with the Duet



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Competentia is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status, or other status protected by law or regulation.

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