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The future of managing contract assignments is here.

If you’re working on an assignment anywhere in the world, InnerCircle can help make your life easier, and make you more money.

Manage your assignment…

Make managing every aspect of your professional life faster and easier with the InnerCircle App.

  • Manage Onboarding and Offboarding from your assignment with a central place to easily access all your paperwork, from any desktop or smartphone.
  • Complete your timesheet and get it approved in a matter of minutes from anywhere
  • Get your expenses submitted and approved faster than ever before.
  • Make your benefit elections, manage and change them through a simple interface
  • Make travel requests and get the go-ahead without any delays
  • Get the PPE you need signed off and on its way to you without missing a beat
  • When it’s time to find your next assignment, you’ll have access to new opportunities so you can finish your current assignment knowing you won’t be out of work.

Refer your friends. Get paid.

You can help and support your friends like never before by connecting them with their next job opportunity. And unlike any other tool available on the market, you can get paid for your efforts.

InnerCircle allows you to refer your friends for specific job openings, and ear a fee for your referral. Your connections have the skills employers are looking for right now. They get a new job. the employer gets the skills they need and you get paid. It’s a win for everyone.

Track your money.

The more visibility you have over your money, the better. Track the status of your timesheets, invoices and expected payments, all from your smartphone, wherever you are.

It’s your future. Take Control.

Too many things that we do out of habit are rooted in the past. You deserve the latest technology. Your career is your livelihood. It’s time to take control.

Are you an Employer?

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Key Features of the App

  • Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Time-writing
  • Expense Submission
  • Pay Stubs
  • Benefit Elections
  • Travel Requests
  • PPE Requests
  • Job Referrals


If you have any questions about our service, please contact us today. We'll help you understand our services and everything we can offer you.

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