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For recruiters, a unique opportunity to serve the unemployed

For Competentia’s Espen Ørland, a career in recruiting offers a chance to help the community.

Most of us will find ourselves without work at some point in our careers. For some of us the experience is brief, for others it is longer and more challenging. Extended periods of unemployment can bring a variety of difficulties, from the obvious financial pressures a lack of income creates, to the less obvious effects unemployment has on self esteem and personal wellbeing.

Getting good advice and support can be a real game changer when you’re on the job market, where it’s easy to feel alone and unsupported. The experience is particularly difficult for those who have not faced the job market for many years; approaches to filling jobs change every year for employers and job seekers alike. First the internet changed everything, automating job applications online; then came social media, bringing new ways to identify opportunities; all of these new tools can be transformational for employers and for casual job hunters, but for those re-entering the job market after a long period of employment, it can be confusing and intimidating.

That’s where the support of a professional recruiter can be invaluable.

Espen Ørland has been in staffing and business for twenty years. As Recruitment Manager for Competentia in Stavangar, he has become involved in a number of projects designed to inspire people who have fallen out of work, and need some support getting back.

“I’m a firm believer in planting seeds and helping people to move forward,” says Espen.

“As recruiters, we’re not always known for our selfless acts, but the truth is that we’re in a unique position to offer genuine help to the people who most need it. With a little effort and focus, we can set a good footprint for everyone to see.”

Espen has been on the other side of the table himself. When a significant downturn hit the Norwegian Oil & Gas sector in 2016, he was one of many who found themselves out of work.

“I felt like we all got laid off,” he says,

“I lost my job twice and became lost in direction. Through some friends I heard about a special program set up between the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration and Metier OCE. I got in and the program gave me back my spirit and a Project Management certification. So I decided I would give back.”

Since December 2017, he’s been going back to the program to help others who are struggling, holding talks to encourage job seekers, helping out with CV’s and coaching anyone who needs help.


Competentia is committed to supporting initiatives to help people back to work. From the Working Spirit project that works with Australian veterans, to the US-based WISE group, which helps working women find the mentorship they need, we’re here to support the communities we work in, however we can.



We’re in a unique position to offer genuine help to the people who most need it. Espen Ørland


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