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Michael’s Story

Michael Pearman is Competentia’s Business Development Manager for the APAC region. He is based, in Perth, Western Australia.

“I was working in the mining industry and there was a huge, sudden downturn here in Australia. I worked as a Recruitment Consultant for a small, boutique consultancy. I worked with both mining operators and EPCs. I wanted to make the strategic move into the Oil & Gas market and I knew Competentia by reputation. After initially speaking with Ian Hyde, and then meeting with him and Jayden Wallis, they both struck me as very capable and driven people that I could learn a lot from, so I was very keen to take the job.”

As Business Development Manager for the Asia-Pacific business unit Michael leads BD activities throughout the region.

“At the moment, our focus is on expanding into other countries and setting up entities to support local projects. We’re in the process of moving into PNG, Indonesia and Myanmar. I’m also heavily involved in our strategy to grow Competentia’s presence in Mining and Infrastructure, based on my own years of experience in these sectors. I also support the team here with some of our core clients.”

Michael’s work can vary greatly from day to day, depending on the business’s priorities. Sometimes meeting the needs of customers means diving heavily into recruiting and filling live vacancies, on other days, his roll focuses more on Competentia’s growth and strategic business development activities.

His role is predominately a sales role, where he acknowledges the need for a great deal of tenacity to get results.

“You need the ability to research and identify opportunities, to do the academic part of the job, but then the resilience and the willingness to pick up the phone. There are tonnes of email warriors out there, so building real relationships is something of a dying art.”

Thee have been recent challenges in the market, and Michael is very realistic about the difficulties he faces in achieving the goals he has set for himself.

“Obviously, we’re in a significant market downturn. The Asia-Pac region has been hit particularly hard so in terms of new projects to develop, it’s a tough time, but if you’re doing the right things there is always market share to be gained. You can always stand out from the crowd.

I think the maturity we have as an organization is the thing that makes us different. Everyone who works here is an adult who knows what they need to do and just gets on with it. We don’t drive the team with arbitrary KPIs, but instead trust that everyone knows what needs doing and will do it. We have a really strong team and everyone knows their stuff – a great environment to work in, especially when compared to some of the other recruitment businesses I’ve encountered. Expertise and experience are easy things to talk about, but they are genuinely the basis of our culture, and I believe our clients feel that.”

A career in recruitment has given Michael the opportunity to travel, both for work and in his own time, and this has been very important to him. Not your average tourist, he’s spent time in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Jordan. He’s also spent longer periods working overseas in Monoco and Singapore.

At Competentia, he has found himself part of a team that he is very proud of and his belief in business as a team sport is clear.

“We’ve got a very experienced team and some bloody good operators. Being able to draw on this experience enables us to be creative and flexible. We set high standards for ourselves and consistently deliver – we really are brilliant at what we do. I believe that.  We’ve the freedom to explore things we think will lead to servicing our clients and contractors better, and ultimately to growing our business.”


To talk to Michael about his work and why you might choose Competentia, e-mail

We have the freedom to explore things we think will lead to servicing our clients and contractors better, and ultimately to growing our business. Michael Pearman


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